Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Supreme Power

Tintas y color de las portadas 1- 4 para la nueva miniserie de Supreme Power
Inks and color for the covers 1- 4 for a new Supreme Power miniseries

© 2011 Marvel Comics


Arion said...

Such great art! I've been following you since X-Factor # 207, and I love your style. You have a way to work with shadows (a kind of brush style) that I love tremendously. And your compositions are really great.

And your Thor Hollywood variants are awesome.



Emanuela Lupacchino said...

Well done, Seb! Lovely pieces!!!! ^.^

Sebastián Fiumara said...

Thank you Arion, I really appreciate your kind words.!

Sebastián Fiumara said...

Lupa, always with lovely comments! Thank you!

Just saw the hardcover of X-FACTOR: HAPPENINGS IN VEGAS, your work there is amazing and it was only the beginning!